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  • Something Special For Halloween

    Hello, readers!

    I’ve got a treat for you! No tricks, just treats! And that treat is…


    Cover done, as always, by the super-talented Skyla Dawn Cameron of Indigochick Designs.

    Finding the gorgeous old Victorian for an absolute steal made the move to the Washington coast a little easier on Lily Duncan. Caring for her dying sister concerns her more than rumors.

    Besides, Lily doesn’t believe in ghosts.

    Dead for over a hundred and fifty years, Brody Campbell is tired of the living coming into his house as though it belongs to them. When another one shows up, he knows just what to do. Or rather, he did. Instead of finding her intrusion offensive, she fascinates him, and he knows he must do something new to get her attention. First, though, he will have to convince her he exists.

    But Brody isn’t the only one who has taken an interest in Lily’s presence in the house. Nor is he the only one after attention.

    Some feuds last beyond a lifetime.

    And some hates, like love, never die.

    Where can you get this spooky treat?


    I hope you enjoy it, just in time for Halloween!


  • Slight Delay

    Hello, all!

    I’m still here and still working on the Reunion series. We had a little hiccup here this month and things got crazy, so now I’m playing catch-up. I hope to have Reunion Part II out in a couple weeks, but bear with me! Family emergencies are just that…emergencies. All is well, no worries! Things are slowly getting back to normal.


  • New Release – New Series!

    Hello, all!

    I know it’s been awhile since I last updated everything, but I can promise you I’ve been hard at work!

    I hope you think the wait is worth it for this new series I’m working on. It’s called the Reunion series, and it features a new couple – Joanna and T.J.

    Joanna Grantham has spent nearly a decade putting her life back together and is finally comfortable with the way things are. T.J. Magnusson took everything when he left, and she swore she would never let anyone that close to her ever again…especially him.

    Fate has a way of dealing with love and hate.

    When tragedy forces T.J. back into Joanna’s life, she must reconcile things she thought she’d dealt with, the most painful of which is T.J. himself.

    Here’s a peek at the cover of the first in the series – Love and Hate:


    It’s currently available for purchase here.

    And for a special treat, the first part of Reunion has a bonus story included! It’s called High Infidelity and was written for those fans wanting to see what I do with a little reversal of my femdom predilection.

    I hope you all enjoy Joanna and T.J. as much as you loved James and Desiree!


  • Cover Post!

    Here’s the new cover for my first erotica release, In The Service of Desire.

    ITSOD Cover
    In The Service Of Desire Cover

    What’s this story about? Well, here.

    All work and no play makes the wealthy Desiree Kelleigh a very frustrated businesswoman.

    Uninterested in the complications romantic entanglements involve and stressed to the point to where she cannot even satisfy herself, Desiree takes the suggestion of a friend and seeks to hire professional help. That is, professional help comfortable with nothing more than a rewarding business arrangement.

    James MacConnor is a man who takes care of everything – even things that require more than a modicum of discretion. His service record is without blemish, and his new job as Miss Kelleigh’s personal servant is beyond satisfying in every possible way. Their arrangement is exactly what they both desire…for the first few weeks. Separating physical and emotional involvement is easier on paper than it is in practice, and both James and Desiree have unresolved issues in their past. Fortunately they have an iron-clad written contract to keep those issues – and any others that may arise from their close association – at bay.

    James has never in his professional career violated a contract. Not once has he ever considered doing so. Of course, desire has never been a problem for him before. Desiree – and the contract – makes it perfectly clear that nothing but his service is wanted. Nothing personal is ever to be shared between him and his employer. Yet James is meant to serve her well and, in order to do that, he must determine why she insists on nothing from him but impersonal, however adventurous, pleasure.

    As James discovers more about Desiree, the professional becomes inescapably personal and blurs the line between desire and servitude. In the service of desire, someone must serve. Which it will be depends upon who has the greater fortitude – the employer, or the employee.